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By integrating scent as a pillar of brand identity, 12.29 creates immediate and memorable connections between brands and consumers.

Leading brands partner with 12.29 to transform communication and deepen brand loyalty. 12.29 evolves the modern luxury experience for hospitality, fashion, transportation and retail companies around the world.

12.29's Dawn Goldworm Speaks at TedXEast

Olfactive branding is the new frontier of emotional communication.

Modern brand storytelling is not complete without emotional engagement which is a natural and acute byproduct of a scented experience. At 12.29, we engage the visceral language of scent to define, shape, and communicate brand identity. Symbolic and visceral, smell is a powerful brand language that communicates identity and differentiation. The scent creates an emotional space around a brand’s audience, building and nurturing a brand community around shared feelings and powerful bonds.


The Avant/Garde Diaries by Mercedes Benz chronicling 12.29

The Creative Process:
A branding exercise

The 12.29 creative process was designed and directed by internationally recognized Nose, Dawn Goldworm. Dawn’s creative process is a rigorous examination of all existing brand references including brand aesthetics, values, communications, emotional territory, target market demographics, and history. With the brand story in mind, the final scent identity is designed from decades of research on olfactive preferences, traditional perfumery expertise and training, consumer insights knowledge and global fragrance & flavor testing.

See Valentino Case Study
12.29 developed 3 separate scents for Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum -  -  - 12.29 uses scent diffusers to diffuse 3 different scents custom tailored for One Thousand Museum’s lobby, gym, and spa.

The Technicality:
Scent diffusion

12.29 global capabilities provide an end-to-end service delivery model for client locations around the world while ensuring consistency and reliability. 12.29 provides a full service delivery model to manage installation and ongoing service in all client locations. 12.29 scent diffusion technology atomizes fragrance oil into a gas which is hypoallergenic and lighter than air. The systems are managed from a central location and deliver the scent either through the HVAC system or stand alone units placed strategically in the brand space.

See Cadillac Case Study
12.29 co-branded with Harrods to release an exclusive Christmas Scent -  -  - 12.29 uses scent diffusers to scent Harrods’ Annual Christmas floor with Fireside Memories (available in a candle or roomspray), and elevate the luxury retail experience. The scent embodies the feeling of a European Christmas

The Scent Accessories:
A 360o branding approach

To communicate a consistent, engaging and memorable experience, 12.29, in addition to scenting the physical space of the brand, also creates scented product for a 360° branding approach. The scent accessories include traditional scented products: candles, room sprays, perfume, hand & body wash and reed diffusers. 12.29 also designs scent accessories specific to the brand story which include scented tissue paper, postcards, collateral, notebooks, literature, clothing, sneakers … and any other creative way that the brand tells their story.

See Harrods Case Study

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Dawn Goldworm

Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Dawn Goldworm is an internationally recognized olfactive expert and the Nose behind successful fragrances for Lady Gaga, Nike, American Express, Valentino, Cadillac, and many more... The inspiration of 12.29, Dawn’s vision of evolving modern brand building through scent, began with her NYU Graduate thesis. Dawn’s expertise in perfumery is the result of years of training and her work at Avon’s global NY headquarters and Coty Beauty (NY and Paris), with a focus on the North American, European, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asian and LATAM fragrance markets. Dawn’s rare abilities in synesthesia (blending her sense of sight, touch, sound and smell), guide 12.29’s unique scent creation process, transforming branding into a complete sensory experience.

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Samantha Goldworm

Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Samantha Goldworm is a global leader in branding and consumer insights behind Fortune 500’s most profitable brands (Lancome, American Express, Starwood Hotels, Bertolli, Kraft Foods, and M&Ms). Samantha’s 15+ years in marketing and research include leading complex research studies to shape marketing programs, product innovation, value propositions, and media plans, enhancing brand image and maximizing return on investment. Samantha’s research, insights and expertise are key to 12.29’s unique scent identity creation process – deeply understanding a client’s identity, driving and mining market research, relating to specific target audiences, and building full sensory experiences.

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